Our 5 Best Bamboo Pendant Lights For 2024

5 Best Bamboo Pendant Lights For 2024

Whether you’re drawn to the traditional craftsmanship of our classic flexible bamboo pendant shade or the elegant flair of our tall and thin bamboo pendant light (both featured below), these hand-picked bamboo pendant lights not only illuminate your space but also serve as captivating design elements, adding character to any room.

Best Bamboo Pendant Lights - Classic Flexible Bamboo Shade
Best Bamboo Pendant Lights - Classic Flexible Bamboo Shade Interior Design

1 – Classic Flexible Bamboo Pendant Light Shade

Our most popular bamboo pendant light, crafted using a flexible fishing trap style basket. A unique, traditional weave results in a flexible design, allowing for a variety of shapes and looks from the same shade.

Why We Love It

Just look at it – it’s beautiful. 

The flexibility of the basket shade allows for many different styles and shapes, making it easy to create create tall drop silhouettes, angled twists or large round spheres, each casting a gorgeous soft glow when paired with a warm bulb – Edison bulbs being our personal favorite.

The simple yet intricate weave using long and thin bamboo strands results in a truly elegant look, especially fitting for wedding lighting and similar events. Paired with a rope cable and natural wood fittings, the bamboo shade has a rustic vibe, while matched with a classic white or black canopy and cable set it takes a more modern appearance, seamlessly fitting in with kitchen and living room interiors while adding a natural touch.

Overall, it’s no surprise it’s our best seller, but it’s also the bamboo pendant light we have a special affinity for as it was in fact our first lighting creation here at Lanna Passa, essentially the foundation of our store and brand.

Available Options

Best Bamboo Pendant Lights - Tall Thin Bamboo Pendant Shade
Woven Tall Bamboo Pendant Cluster Lights - Triple Cluster Canopy

2 – Tall & Thin Bamboo Pendant Light

A handwoven shade with an elegant vase shape – tall & thin with a unique spiral weave pattern and thick bamboo strip finish at the base.

This mix of styles and weaves creates an overall look that is pleasing to the eye while retaining a rich uniqueness and outdoor character. They look right at home in smaller spaces especially, although larger spaces work too, particularly if presented in a pendant cluster.

Why We Love It

This tall and thin bamboo pendant shade manages to effortlessly merge a modern classic pendant shape with natural rustic materials, resulting in a beautiful light feature.

A vase shape constructed of bamboo in a mix of different thickness and weaves allows for a main section with an almost net-like appearance containing the bulb holder, framed by a thicker weave in the neck and a long, thick bamboo strip along the base.

This mix of styles and weaves creates an overall look that is pleasing to the eye while retaining a rich uniqueness and outdoor character. They look right at home in smaller spaces especially, although larger spaces work too, particularly if presented in a pendant cluster.

Best Bamboo Pendant Lights - Thick Weave Bamboo Shade
Best Bamboo Pendant Lights - Thick Weave Bamboo Shade

3 – Thick Weave Cone Bamboo Pendant Lights

A simple, sturdy and strong bamboo pendant shade crafted using thick stands of bamboo for a look that instantly captures your attention.

Why We Love It

Almost the polar opposite of our last bamboo pendant pick, while the shape might be somewhat similar, the thick and sturdy strips of bamboo used to create this beauty result in a strong, almost heavyweight style, perfectly embodying the robust nature of bamboo.

Available in two sizes, it’s a great pick for spaces that need a touch of natural lighting, the shade itself allowing a soft, warm glow from the bulb inside, projecting lightly textured rays of light peeking out from between the bamboo.

This bamboo pendant light is a fantastic choice for garden verandas, balconies and covered outdoor areas as it really feels at home in an area surrounded by nature, though it looks equally as good indoors paired with a natural rope cable.

Best Bamboo Pendant Lights - Repurposed Cabbage Basket Shade

4 – Repurposed Cabbage Basket Pendant Light

Large and lightweight – a unique bamboo pendant light created by repurposing ethnic hill tribe cabbage baskets.

Why We Love It

Don’t be fooled by the apparent simplicity of this one! The weave is fantastically simple, fully hand woven without any additional aids or materials using wide but thin bamboo strips cleverly twisted together, however the final result is really is something special.

These cabbage baskets are used for transporting produce (like cabbages) from farms in the hill tribe regions of Northern Thailand. They are woven by hand using traditional techniques and often attached to ropes that fashion over the shoulders in some way for comfortable movement, almost like a backpack.

When repurposed into bamboo pendant lighting they take on a beautiful new life, illuminating areas with a passion. The large size makes them great choices for dining areas or spaces where the light fixture itself would be one of the main focal points or interior accents. They are also extremely lightweight, with an almost airy, dreamlike quality, despite the larger dimensions.

Available Options

Rustic Asian Pendant Light Shade
Asian Pendant Light - Rustic Cone Hat Light Shade Close Up

5 – Rustic Cone Shaped Bamboo Pendant Lights

A small shade that makes a big impression, these bamboo pendant lights have a classic Asian style, full of character from the Far East.

Why We Love It

If any bamboo pendant shades instantly conjure up images of the Far East, it’s these. The cone hat style lamp shade is a staple throughout Asia, simple, elegant, strong – they’re a classic. Covering a large part of the bulb means they are suitable for any space and won’t give off harsh or overbearing light, the weave having only slight gaps in the intricate pattern where light can escape above the fold.

We think this is the best bamboo pendant light for rooms and spaces where a bright light is not a priority, a place you want to bathe in a soft glow but still have shadows, where you want to create a mood. 

Another great thing about the way these bamboo shades contain light is the ability to space multiple a few feet apart, each contributing to the same soft illumination over a larger space. They’re playful pendant shades that you can arrange in various patterns and groupings, natural interior lighting that complements any design style.

Available Options

Hardwired Ceiling Canopy or Plug-In / Swag Option?

Before we finish up our bamboo pendant picks, you’ll be happy to know that each is available in two options – ceiling canopy or plug-in / swag. We’ll give you a quick run down on what each option is and for who they might be best suited.

Ceiling Canopy (Hardwired)

The most common type of pendant light you’ll come across, requiring electrical installation. Installation is fairly simple, it’s simply a case of matching wires behind the ceiling canopy and connecting to your existing wiring in the ceiling, but those who are inexperienced may prefer to hire an expert or professional electrician.

Your ceiling canopy can come in many styles and sizes, from natural wood (often paired with a natural rope cable for a rustic vibe), to white or black metal for a more modern look.

Plug In / Swag

Our plug-in / swag pendant lights don’t require any electrical installation and can simply be plugged into a wall outlet like a standard table lamp and hung from a hook in the ceiling, bracket on the wall, or anything from which you can hang the shade. This option is great for renters or those looking to add some unique light styling to areas that don’t have existing light fixtures and wiring.

Typically for swag style lighting you would need a longer cable, as the cable needs to travel from the wall outlet to the place where you have positioned the light, then come up and over your hanging point. All Lanna Passa bamboo pendant lights are available with cable sets of any length, at no extra cost, so you can always create the perfect swag light setup for your space.

Find Your Favorite Bamboo Pendant Light

We’ve picked 5 of our best bamboo pendant lights for 2024, but there are so many other options available, including standing floor lamps, wall hanging lamps and everything in between.

As always, you can view all of our lighting here.

We also offer customization and creation, as well as bulk lighting for projects and events, so if you have an idea, an event coming up or simply a a certain style you are looking to achieve, feel free to get in touch, we’d love to work with you.

Here’s to an illuminated 2024!

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