Whether you’re going for a beachy vibe or just want a laid-back, yet elegant look, our original bamboo pendant shade lights up your space in more ways than one. Eco-friendly, being handcrafted from sustainable bamboo strips, it’s a handmade beauty with earthy vibes and authentic character. Our most popular style, and our standout creation.

The flexible weave lets you create a wide range of shapes, while various pendant shade kits allows you to mix and match decor themes with ease. Jute rope light cables, sleek black metal canopies and more – whatever interior design theme you’re going for, we have an option to fit.

Also available in various standing bamboo floor lamp configurations.

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Bamboo Light Shade - Eco-Friendly Natural Materials


This is a bamboo pendant shade you won’t find on store shelves or while shopping for pendant shades on the big box websites. Not mass-produced or factory-made, every piece is individually woven in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.

You can see this in every shade, as each will have slight differences in shape, size, and tone. Look closely and you’ll be able to appreciate the authentic craftsmanship and all the imperfections that come with. If you notice that a bamboo strand is lightly frayed, or even broken, worry not. You can re-position strands using your hands, and even snip out any broken or frayed strands that you find, moving others over to take their place. The overall look and design are not affected thanks to the creative weave.


Our pendant shades are packed with care and sent to your door using trackable airmail. We offer both a standard free shipping option, and an express option available at checkout. Approximate delivery times are:

  • Standard / Free Shipping: 10-21 working days 
  • Express shipping: 5-10 working days 

We also offer 30 days returns for any reason, even a simple change of mind (though we’re confident you’ll love our pendants!)

For more details regarding shipping options, customs fees, return procedures & more, see our main FAQ page here


Can I use a bamboo pendant shade outdoors?

The natural bamboo basket shades themselves can be used both indoors and outdoors, although we recommend pairing with a separately purchased cable set made specifically for all weather if using outdoors.

How do I install a hardwired pendant light?

To install a hardwired light fixture, turn off the power, remove the existing fixture, and expose the electrical wiring. Connect the pendant light's wires to the corresponding wires in the ceiling, typically matching color-coded wires. Secure the ceiling canopy over the wiring using the provided screws. Attach the pendant shade, screw in a light bulb - job done! Turn the power back on and test the pendant light. Instructions are included, but if unsure, consult an electrician for guidance.

What light bulb goes best with a bamboo pendant?

While any light bulb can be used that matches the thread type of the bulb holder (commonly found E26 and E27), we find that a vintage Edison bulb in a warm color results in a soft glow creating a relaxing ambiance.

What are the benefits of using bamboo pendant shades?

Bamboo pendant shades offer an eco-friendly, sustainable lighting solution with a natural aesthetic. Bamboo is lightweight, durable, and versatile, adapting to various design preferences. Its unique patterns add visual appeal, while the material's natural insulating properties contribute to a comfortable atmosphere.

Easy to install and maintain, bamboo requires minimal care. Culturally significant and available in diverse styles, bamboo pendant shades not only bring a touch of elegance and warmth to spaces but also align with environmentally conscious choices, making them an appealing option for those seeking sustainable and visually pleasing lighting solutions.

Cable Set

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Customer's review (5)

  1. Love this lantern. Paired it with a cord, bulb, and wall bracket and it’s one of a kind. Easy shipping and arrived safe and sound.

    Ann Ryan (verified owner)

  2. Beautiful lamp to enhance your home … highly recommended & will not hesitate re-purchase. It came very quickly & was packed with care & instructions … thank you !

    Rosanna (verified owner)

  3. Great quality! I love that I can change the shape go the shade to adapt to my space. Highly recommend!

    Wynn Madison (verified owner)

  4. It’s a fantastic lampshade. One thing to note is that it does come tightly packed and you will need to follow the instructions on getting the kinks out of the cane. I purchased a few extra extra large balloons and inflated them inside of the lampshade so it had equal pressure, to fully expand it. . Then I spritzed the lampshade with water, per the instructions and left it in the sun to dry. The lampshade looks just like the picture now.

    Paul Keister (verified owner)

  5. Really nice quality, easy to shape, unique and it arrived very quickly. People have complimented it when visiting our new home.

    Lydia Thompson (verified owner)

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