Traditionally handwoven / handcrafted Thai fishing trap baskets from natural bamboo.

Choice of white, black or natural wood ceiling plate (with screws & attachments), with PVC and rope cable options.

 E-27 & E-26 compatible bulb lamp-holder with silicone or natural wood cover.

Adjustable metal support bracket for holding basket.

Voltage 110V-250V / 60 Watts Max


Sizes may differ slightly as each is handmade. Approx ranges are below:

Basket dimensions

Sizes may differ slightly as each is handmade. Approx ranges are below:

When in natural OBLONG shape

XXXL – Height : 31-35in / 77-88cm | Diameter : 14-17in / 35-45cm
XXL – Height : 28-30in / 70-76cm | Diameter : 12-14in / 30-35cm
XL – Height : 25-27in / 63-69cm | Diameter : 11-13in / 28-33cm
L – Height : 23-24in / 56-62cm | Diameter : 10-12in / 25-30cm
M – Height : 20-22in / 50-55cm | Diameter : 9-10in / 22-25cm
S – Height : 18-20in / 45-50cm | Diameter : 8-9in / 20-23cm
XS – Height : 15-17in / 38-45cm | Diameter : 7-8in / 17-20cm

When in ROUND / SPHERE position

XXXL – Diameter & height : 65-75cm / 25-30in
XXL – Diameter & height : 48-51cm / 19-20in
XL – Diameter & height: 45-48cm / 18-19in
L – Diameter & height : 40-43cm / 16-17in
M – Diameter & height : 35-38cm / 14-15in
S – Diameter & height : 30-33 cm / 12-13in
XS – Diameter & height : 25-30 cm / 10-12in

Ceiling rose/plate diameter

White and black styles – 14.5cm
Natural wood style – 13cm

The cable can be made to any length. If you would like a specific length not in the product options, simply write in the order notes on the checkout page the specific length you require. 

Length is cable from ceiling plate to bulb holder


Our lamps are packed with loving care and sent from Northern Thailand via tracked airmail which should reach you in around 12-21 days standard airmail (US, UK, EU, AUS, ASIA), or 5-10 days via Express.

For more detailed information regarding shipping (options, customs duties, return information etc) please see our FAQ page HERE 


The light bulb is not included. We recommend softer energy saving LED or weaker vintage style bulbs as seen in the pictures to protect the bamboo from heat damage.
Thread style E-26 and E-27 compatible.


As each piece is individually handmade they will differ slightly in size, shape and shade, and may have small marks and wear. The odd bamboo strand may be slightly frayed or snapped, but this does not affect the product, you can optionally trim / snip out and position other strands in it’s place – due to the handwoven nature and natural bamboo strands used, small imperfections like this make each piece unique, but do not affect the design, shaping or use.


The natural baskets/pendants themselves can be used both indoors and outdoors, although we recommend a separately purchased cable set made specifically for all weather if using outdoors, as our cable sets are made for indoor use only.

Cable Set

No Cable Set, Natural Cable Set, Black Cable Set, White Cable Set


XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Customer's review (23)

  1. Perfect look and feel, super well made. Very happy to have this in my home!

    katieomstead (verified owner)

  2. Beautiful lamp! Very happy with my purchase. Will purchase another one soon!

    Amy Sheffield (verified owner)

  3. This basket and the natural plug are so beautiful!! I love that you can shape it however you want and it’s got a beautiful natural color.

    Drew Solyst (verified owner)

  4. Gorgeous light fittings that are even more beautiful than we hoped. Highly recommend- great service, great product and fast delivery

    Brooke McDougall (verified owner)

  5. Love the lamp. If you are making it shorter it’s not the easiest to get into a symmetrical shape, though their suggestion of wetting it down and drying it into shape is helpful. I most recommend it for hanging as an oblong.

    Laura Weart (verified owner)

  6. Ordered the 30” hanging fish trap shade (option b) with natural plug-in chord and it is exactly, exactly what I hoped it would be. Clearly made with care, the intricate weave allows enough between strands that an interesting bulb can be highlighted and it somehow doesn’t obstruct the view through the shade. Basket of that size does come folded but I found pumping it helped to regain its oblong shape. The chord is well made and came speced to American outlets despite no option to select that feature. Delivery to The States, however, takes a month. 29 days to be exact. Thrilled with the shade, will order another someday, I know I will.

    William Ivison (verified owner)

  7. Gorgeous basket shades! They arrived packaged super securely and in perfect condition. They were a little wonky when we took them out of the box, but we just followed the instructions to get them back into their correct shapes and it only took a couple minutes. I love the cozy glow these give our room.

    Dagny (verified owner)

  8. I am totally happy with my lamp. She is beautiful!

    Stephanie Binder (verified owner)

  9. Better than I expected! I love it so much. Shipped super fast too.

    Lauren Mansen (verified owner)

  10. The lamps are awesome, and they arrived very quickly

    iragonese (verified owner)

  11. I love the lamp! It was an easy process to purchase and receive this product! It goes so well with my space and leaves a pretty woven shadow against the wall when I turn it on

    Peri (verified owner)

  12. I really like the lamp, but was disappointed in how it was packaged. The lamp was folded up, so now it’s not really round anymore. I had to do a lot of bending and flexing to get it back into a decent shape.

    Kyle Harvey (verified owner)

  13. Superb suspension, beautiful quality. The light that diffuses through the weaving is mesmerizing. I recommend!

    Dominique B.M. (verified owner)

  14. I just received my second lamp with rope cord and I recommend them 🙂

    Elizabeth (verified owner)

  15. It took a little bit to get the light the way I wanted but once done it looks great!

    Kim Fawcett (verified owner)

  16. My chord arrived broken and LannaPassa quickly sent a new one. Thank you! Looks great in our living room, and adds so much light.

    Anne-Marie Snider (verified owner)

  17. So beautiful! More than I expected! I ordered the second smallest size and was pleasantly surprised by how big they were! Perfect for my new home office space – thank you so much! Definitely recommend .

    Nicole Cross (verified owner)

  18. This was nicely packaged and exactly what I was looking for! Shipping was surprisingly quick and the included instructions were clear and nicely designed. Love this lamp!

    hundredmiledog (verified owner)

  19. Love my lights! Was fun putting them together to figure out what shape I liked best. They look great, very happy.

    Tanya Doran (verified owner)

  20. Used these in our master suite on the sides of our bed. Amazing quality and price. Made our room!!! We love them so much.

    Jourdon Brown (verified owner)

  21. Bought these for our Airbnb and they look so good! They shipped so fast compared to any other shop we encountered on Etsy. Most were taking months and some of our orders never arrived but this shop sent all the items within 2 weeks to Hawaii. Highly recommend!

    Shelby L (verified owner)

  22. Shipping was surprisingly quick from Thailand and customer service was excellent. The basket is beautifully made and the cord is well constructed (I added a switch). My only recommendation is that you order a cord longer than you think (so you can alter the hanging height). I ordered mine too short and had to supplement it with an extension cord.

    Tessa Hansen (verified owner)

  23. Love this lamp! It is so simple yet elegant. Perfectly addition to our earthy and natural aesthetic.

    Ashley Murphy (verified owner)

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