This farmhouse lighting fixture brings ‘barn charm’ to your space, mixing up modern aesthetics with natural textures. The thin strands of bamboo that make up the lightweight weave make your space feel all airy and open.

The artisan-crafted bamboo basket coupled with a thick rope pendant kit creates a homely vibe, one of simplicity and authenticity. A flexible shade and various size options bring tons of possibilities, while installation is super simple. It’s a truly unique lighting fixture you won’t find anywhere else, one we’re very proud of.

Measurements for bamboo pendant light shades in tall position.
Round Rustic Farmhouse Lighting Fixture Measurements
Canopy Dimensions For Rustic Farmhouse Pendant Kit Fixture
Farmhouse Lighting Fixture Light Bulb Options


What makes a light fixture 'farmhouse' style?

A trendy yet timeless interior design style, farmhouse lighting fixtures typically feature a blend of rustic, vintage, and industrial elements. They have a rural charm, a homely vibe, picture log fires burning while it snows outside. Bamboo and other wood materials are a common theme in farmhouse styling, with handcrafted artisan pieces being the most sought after due to their individuality and minor imperfections, a delightful tell showing they are not mass-produced.

With a thick rope pendant kit option, our bamboo pendant is a perfect example. A stunning combination, marrying natural materials with an industrial twist.

How do I choose the right size of a farmhouse pendant light for my space?

With a wide range of pendant shade sizes, it can be a little daunting trying to find the perfect fit for your space. Think about the size of your room, the height of your ceilings, and the shape of the pendant itself. A larger shade can serve as a fantastic accent piece, a focal point drawing the eyes to its large form and beautiful weave. Smaller sizes can work brilliantly as bedside lighting or in small nooks and crannies. As a general rule, you can't go wrong with your pendant hanging at least 25 inches above furniture, tables, and countertops, etc. That way, you get enough light without the shade obstructing your view or making your room feel cluttered..

What types of bulbs are suitable for farmhouse lighting fixtures?

Farmhouse light fixtures can accommodate a variety of bulb types. Our fixtures are compatible with E26 and E27 thread-type bulbs, the most commonly found bulb thread types. Vintage Edison bulbs with exposed filaments are always a great choice, as they enhance the rustic and nostalgic feel of farmhouse design. You can see this in our product photos - they are one of our favorite bulb choices in general, especially in a low watt, warm tone. LED bulbs can also be used, an energy-efficient option with a range of hues and colors. There are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing a light bulb, each changing the ambiance and adding their own little touch to the lighting setup. Feel free to experiment and find your perfect vibe.

Can this light fixture be used outdoors?

The bamboo pendant shades are versatile, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. However, if you plan on exposing the pendant to the elements, we suggest combining them with a separately purchased cable set designed explicitly for all-weather conditions. Unfortunately, our pendant kits are not waterproof nor weather-rated, so use them only indoors or under a covered outdoor area not exposed to rain and harsh weather.

How do I clean and maintain a farmhouse lighting fixture?

Keeping your farmhouse light fixture clean and well-maintained is straightforward. Grab a soft cloth or duster to give the bamboo a dusting every now and then to keep the dust and grime away. If there's a bit of dirt that doesn't come off with a good dusting, just give it a little rub with a slightly damp cloth. Remember to switch off the power before having a look at the wiring, and call in the pros if anything looks a bit off.

Bamboo is a super durable material that will last a lifetime if looked after, but you may find the odd strand frayed or snapped. If this happens, don't worry. The creative design of the pendant shade means that it is not only flexible but easily altered and shaped up should a strand or two get damaged. If you want to remove a damaged strand, simply snip it out at the top and bottom of the basket. Then, use your hands to move more strands over, filling any gaps. Nice and easy, and all is well.

What is your shipping and return policy?

Your pendant light will be created and sent out from Northern Thailand within 1-3 working days. We offer two shipping options: free shipping, as standard, and an express option that can be selected at checkout. Free shipping should be at your door within 12-21 days, and express shipping within 5-10. Both options are fully trackable along the journey.

We also offer no-hassle 30 days returns on all products, for any reason. Please see our FAQ page for more detailed information.

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So beautiful, I can’t ask for better result for my ski chalet! It casts an amazing shadow on the walls giving it a gorgeous pattern on the walls.

Theresa T
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  1. Looks so amazing!! Got the XL for our dining room and it’s gorg!

    Madeline Hobbs (verified owner)

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