What a difference a color change can make. Incredibly versatile, black pendant lights work well with various lighting styles, adding a touch of sophistication and contrast. Add authentically crafted character and true artisanal roots, and you can see why these pendants are one of our best-sellers. Crafted from sustainable bamboo, just like our natural version, the hand-dyed deep black color infuses a touch of luxury, resulting in a sophisticated pendant light that remains one-of-a-kind.

Backed by our commitment to using authentic, natural materials, this bamboo pendant light is a testament to traditional craftsmanship. First, hand gathered bamboo strips are carefully woven together to create a basket with a flexible form. Due to the handmade nature of each bamboo shade, small imperfections in the weave further add to its character. We then personally dip the baskets by hand into a vat of dye, resulting in the beautiful dark black color you can see before you.

Black Pendant Lights Crafted From Natural Materials Like Bamboo
Black Pendant Light Hardwired Installation Kit Options


As the bamboo basket shade is authentically handwoven, dimensions may vary slightly. Typically, the dimensions will fall into one of the ranges below. If you are looking to purchase multiple shades of the same size to create a cluster set or to place them at various positions in your space, we will select basket shades with dimensions as close together as possible.

Both shapes listed below, tall and round, can be created using the same basket shade. We’ve provided approximate measurements for each, which should also help give you an idea of dimensions when shaped in similar positions.


XXXL: Height: 77-88 cm (31-35″) | Diameter: 35-45 cm (14-17″)
XXL: Height: 70–76 cm (28-30″) | Diameter: 30–35 cm (12-14″)
XL: Height: 63-69 cm (25-27″) | Diameter: 28-33 cm (11-13″)
L: Height: 56-62 cm (23-24″) | Diameter: 25-30 cm (10-12″)
M: Height: 50-55 cm (20-22″) | Diameter: 22-25 cm (9-10″)
S: Height: 45-50 cm (18-20″) | Diameter: 20-23 cm (8-9″) 
XS: Height: 38-45 cm (15-17″) | Diameter: 17-20 cm (7-8″)


XXXL: Diameter and Height: 65-75 cm (25-30″)
XXL Diameter and Height: 48-51 cm (19-20″)
XL: Diameter and Height: 45-48 cm (18-19″)
L: Diameter and Height: 40-43 cm (16-17″)
M: Diameter and Height: 35-38 cm (14-15″)
S: Diameter and Height: 30-33 cm (12-13″)
XS: Diameter and Height: 25-30 cm (10-12″)


What style does a black pendant light suit best?

While opinions may vary, we believe there is no single design style that a black pendant light suits best. They're style chameleons, blending into various lighting themes and styles with ease. Our bamboo pendant is no exception, with its minimal design and thin bamboo strips making it a perfect fit for a range of settings.

Modern & Contemporary Interiors: With a bamboo weave made up of sleek and clean lines, our black pendants fit right in with a contemporary theme, particularly when coupled with one of our all-black or all-white pendant kits.

Industrial Themes: Bamboo isn't the first thing that springs to mind when we think industrial, but these pendants are bold in black. They manage to vibe perfectly with industrial aesthetics, giving off a raw urban feel with rustic heart.

Farmhouse & Rustic Interiors: While our natural version springs to mind when thinking of farmhouse lighting and rustic interior design, black pendants can create a unique focal point. Pair the black basket shade with a natural rope and wood pendant kit to mix up black and natural tones.

Bohemian & Eclectic Styles: Acting as a grounding force, black pendants introduce a monotone twist to eclectic setups with a mix of styles and colors.

Of course, the list of interior design styles is endless nowadays: art deco, minimalistic, mid-century modern, coastal, and beach-inspired — they all have their own quirks and character. A black pendant light can work with any style; the trick is finding a good balance of contrast and color.

What types of bulbs are compatible with this pendant light?

Our black pendant light is compatible with bulbs that have either an E26 or E27 thread type, which are among the most commonly available bulb types. The size, shape, and tone of the bulb don't matter significantly, as long as it's not an extreme variation. Feel free to experiment with different warmth and hues to achieve your desired ambiance. While we absolutely adore Edison bulbs with a warm tone (as you can see in our pictures), a white bulb works just as well, especially if you're going for a modern vibe.

Is the black finish durable and long-lasting?

Yes, the distinctive black finish is achieved by dipping the bamboo into vats of dye. This dye fully penetrates the natural bamboo material, ensuring a lasting and permanent color.

Can I use a black bamboo pendant light outdoors?

Yes, you can. Well, kinda. A black pendant light can bring unique style to outdoor settings, the dark color creating a beautiful contrast balanced against nature's backdrop. Our black bamboo shades are versatile and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, able to withstand outdoor elements. However, our supplied pendant kits are designed for indoor use only. If you intend to use the shades outdoors, we recommend combining them with a separately purchased all-weather cable set.

How long does shipping and delivery take?

We offer two shipping options: free shipping, our default choice, and express shipping, which you can select at checkout. Our free shipping typically takes 10-21 working days to reach your door, while express shipping delivers within 3-10 working days.

We also offer hassle-free 30-day returns on all products as standard.

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We love this lampshade! Beautifully made and feels robust. 


In our hallway.


Great. Received faster and seller assisted me in the process of putting it together.

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Customer's review (5)

  1. The pendants are even more beautiful in person! Exactly what I wanted!

    Gretchen Kim (verified owner)

  2. These are absolutely beautiful. They were packed very well, arrived in perfect condition. They have a beautiful sheen to them. I bought the black ones. They did get stuck in Chicago ISC customs for almost a month which was frustrating, but that wasn’t the sellers fault, because she shipped them very quickly on her end. I have hue bulbs in them so the green color is coming from the hue bulb. They are a true black. Great that you can change the shape but I fell in love with the original oblong shape. Every time I look at them it just makes me smile because I’ve never been a fan of lampshades & like to change things out often…but these are stunning. I have them hung above my live edge waterfall bar & it completes my kitchen. Thank you ??

    Bojana Lily Marijan (verified owner)

  3. Love them so much!! Perfect addition to our high ceiling hallway

    Mia (verified owner)

  4. Beautifully made and looks just like the pictures. Comes a little bent in the box but can be easily fixed once you adjust the shape a few times.

    Kristen Ortiz-Smith (verified owner)

  5. Loved it, beautiful whimsical light fixture!

    Christine Lash (verified owner)

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