This style of Asian pendant light is ideal for spaces where a bright light isn’t the primary focus. It creates an ambiance bathed in a soft glow, casting gentle shadows to set a mood. The unique way these shades diffuse light makes them perfect for spacing a few feet apart, contributing to a cohesive and expansive soft illumination across larger areas. Their playful design allows for various arrangements and groupings, offering natural interior lighting that effortlessly complements any design style.

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Every Asian pendant light shade is an authentic work of art, made by talented artisans who put their heart and soul into every detail. Their careful craftsmanship guarantees you a unique piece that mirrors the vibrant cultural influences of Asia.


Our Asian lighting creations are sent via tracked airmail, typically reaching you within 12-21 days using the standard (default) option, or 5-10 days via Express shipping. More information about our shipping and returns policies can be found on our main FAQ page.


What light bulb is best for an Asian pendant light?

Typically, any light bulb with a compatible thread type (in this case E26 or E27) can be used with an Asian pendant light. Smaller bulbs used with this pendant shade style will be fully covered by the shade, whereas longer bulbs will be exposed, peeking out from underneath. We are a huge fan of Edison bulbs in warm tones - these vintage-inspired bulbs emit a soft, golden glow that complements the intricate patterns of the pendant shade, creating a cozy and inviting ambiance reminiscent of traditional Asian aesthetics. 

Can I use this Asian pendant light outdoors?

While the pendant shade itself would be fine in all weather due to it's natural materials, we recommend a separately purchased cable set rated specifically for all weather if using outdoors, as our cable sets are made for indoor or covered use only and are not waterproof.

Cable Set

No Cable Set, Natural Cable Set, Black Cable Set, White Cable Set

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  1. Beautiful, they have such a vibe, very artisan. I bought the ceiling canopy style with natural rope and installed myself following the instructions without issue, although it was a bit fiddly to attach the canopy.

    Linda Cartwood (verified owner)

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