This elegant bamboo pendant light cluster brings cultural richness into your living space, with three handwoven shapes providing a distinctive look that sets it apart from more conventional lighting options. The tall and slender design, coupled with the elegance of bamboo adds a touch of natural beauty and a rustic yet contemporary feel to your interior design.


A set of bamboo pendant cluster lights comprising of three traditionally handwoven basket shades woven from natural bamboo, hanging from a large triple cluster canopy.

Various cluster pendant kit styles to choose from, including white, black, as well as a rattan and jute rope option.

E27 & E26 compatible bulb lamp-holders with either silicone or natural wood covers.

Metal support brackets & cord grips for securing pendants.

Voltage 110V-250V / 60 Watts Max


Sizes may differ slightly as each is handmade. Approx ranges are below:

Single shade dimensions

Bottom diameter : 22cm – 24cm / 8.5″ to 9.5″
Height : 50cm – 53cm / 20″ – 21″ 

Ceiling canopy plate diameter

Natural rattan style – 32cm
White & black style – 28cm

Cable length is measured from ceiling canopy to bulb holder.


All of our lamps are packed with loving care and sent from Northern Thailand via tracked airmail which should reach you in around 12-21 days standard airmail, or 5-10 working days via express shipping service.

For more detailed information regarding shipping (options, customs duties, return information etc) please see our FAQ page here. 


Light bulbs are not included. Any E26 or E27 thread compatible bulb style will work, our personal recommendation being soft energy saving LED bulbs or vintage style Edison bulbs in warm colors, which not only protect the bamboo from potential heat damage over time, but look fantastic and give off a comfortable glow.


Our bamboo cluster set comprises of individually handwoven shades, intricately crafted using traditional techniques. Each rustic pendant light shade carries imperfections, slight differences in form and tone, and small natural marks, adding to their authentic character.


Can I use a bamboo pendant cluster light outdoors?

The natural pendant shades themselves can be used both indoors and outdoors, although we recommend pairing them with a separately purchased rated cable set, made specifically for all weather if using outdoors.

How do I install pendant cluster lights?

Bamboo pendant cluster light fixtures are installed in the same way as a typical individual pendant light - at the rear of the ceiling canopy, each of the three cables merge into one. The cable wires then connect with the corresponding wires in your ceiling. Installation is relatively simple, but if you have doubts, contact an electrician for help.

What is the ideal height for pendant cluster lighting?

Determining the correct height at which to hang pendant cluster lights is crucial for both aesthetic and functional reasons. People often inquire about the recommended height above tables, kitchen islands, or in open spaces. Ultimately, it depends on the look you are trying to achieve, but it's best to measure the total height of the cluster and then add a little extra length for potential adjustment.

What type of bulbs should be used in bamboo pendant cluster lights?

LED, incandescent, or other energy-efficient options may be considered based on preferences and practical considerations, although our personal choice would be a vintage style Edison bulb with a low wattage and warm color.




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