These lights are full of that timeless charm that comes with traditional craftsmanship, making for unique restaurant lighting and/or cafe lighting that is distinctive and eye-catching. They’re flexible not only in shape but also in creating different moods and vibes, especially when experimenting with bulb types.

We’re always proud to see our classic pendants hanging in restaurants, coffee shops, and even rustic bars and speakeasies worldwide. Whether they’re providing ambient lighting for relaxing cocktail lounges, statement lighting pieces for trendy cafe interiors, or simply sustainable lighting options for eco-conscious cafes, these little bamboo beauties bring something special to the space.

Measurements for bamboo pendant light shades in tall position
Bamboo Pendant Shade Measurements When In Round Shape
Light Bulb Specifications For Cafe & Restaurant Pendant Lighting
Plug In Swag Style Pendant Light Kit Options


Light bulbs are not included as they’re a little too fragile to ship; however, you have options galore here when it comes to creating an ambiance. We’re massive fans of vintage Edison bulbs with exposed filaments and a warm hue. They make perfect warm-toned lighting for a romantic restaurant atmosphere or mood lighting for cocktail bars. Cooler tones from white bulbs work just as well, especially in daytime settings where light isn’t a priority and the soft tones of bamboo and natural light can play together in harmony.


Our event, restaurant and cafe lighting options are sent via trackable airmail, which should be on your doorstep within 5-12 working days. We ship worldwide, but if you live somewhere a little remote that has regular issues with mail (tiny islands typically), shoot us a message to double check you’re good to receive them. Finally, please allow for 1-3 days of handling time as we set up your pendant lights and package them securely for shipment.

For more information about shipping and delivery, please see our shipping policy.


Technical information and specifications

Voltage: 110V-250V
Recommended max bulb wattage: 60w
Bulb thread type: E26 or E27 compatible
Installation: Plug-in
Plug type: Matched to shipping address
Compatibility: Worldwide


What type of lighting is best for creating a welcoming atmosphere in a restaurant or cafe?

It depends a little on your overall theme or layout, but essentially, you're after warm and inviting vibes coming from soft, gentle lighting. Pendant lights are great for this, as they not only create that warm and cozy feeling, especially with some vintage Edison bulbs glowing inside, but they also fill up some visual space and add texture to your place. Unlike recessed downlights, for example, they make your place of business feel homely and relaxing, not sterile and bland.

We think that handcrafted pendants like ours go a step further, with their slight imperfections and subtle differences bringing an authentic ambience, even if it's only noticeable subconsciously.

Is there any difference between cafe lighting and restaurant lighting?

No, there's no real difference between cafe lighting and restaurant lighting; they're simply two of the many spaces that you can light up with our pendant lights. Of course, you can use them in bars, event tents, weddings, etc., but restaurants and cafes are probably the most common, along with coffee shops. We love a good artisan coffee shop, and woven pendants like ours are perfect for them.

The great thing about our pendant light sets is that they are super versatile. Choosing different bulbs, pendant kit styles, or even shaping the baskets in different forms can create vastly different looks and atmospheres, so they're a great fit for any space. Warm Edison bulb fixtures for vintage cafe ambiance, pendant lighting clusters for eclectic restaurant decor—you name it, they're perfect for any vibe.

Can I use these pendants as outdoor lighting in restaurant patios or cafe seating areas?

Sure, the pendant shades can be used as outdoor cafe lighting; however, the pendant kits available in this set are not rated for all-weather use, so you'd need to find some separately. If going this route, simply purchase the shades without a pendant kit option, and all will come with cord grips and brackets for attaching to your own cable sets. 

That said, we also have an outdoor bamboo pendant light set available, which features the same baskets in a small size, hanging along a weather-rated cable. We offer these in 5m, 10m, and 15m lengths, so you can string them around any outdoor seating area without issue.

In The Wild

A few examples of our bamboo pendants lighting up cafes, restaurants and coffee shops all over the world.

Have some restaurant lighting ideas or cozy cafe dreams you want to make a reality? Get in touch!

“Baskets arrived quickly and look just as great in person!”

Laurannae Baking Company

Rustic bar lighting vibes somewhere in St. Petersberg!

Rustic Vibes

Adding more of nature’s beauty to the beautiful restaurant and cafe at Webbs in the UK.

Webbs Garden Centres
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