Each pendant light basket shade is crafted with precision by skilled artisans from Northern Thai villages, where thin strips of bamboo are gathered before being intricately woven together by hand. These lights emanate the timeless charm of traditional craftsmanship, making for truly elegant wedding lighting with an authentically rustic touch.

As each shade is handmade, each carries natural imperfections and slight differences in shape and size, resulting in an incredible overall vibe that you won’t find with mass-produced lighting options – and let’s face it, it’s your wedding day. The last thing you want is cookie-cutter decor straight off the conveyor belt. Authentically crafted light fixtures set your wedding decor apart; the natural hues of bamboo and minimal designs of the shades seamlessly merge with any theme, perfect for beach weddings, garden weddings, traditional indoor events, and more.

Measurements for bamboo pendant light shades in tall position
Bamboo Pendant Shade Measurements When In Round Shape
Wedding lighting pendant kit options include wood & rope, black, and white canopy options for hardwire install.
Bamboo pendants are a great eco-friendly and sustainable choice for wedding lighting.


Light bulbs are not included, however, you have a ton of options when it comes to creating your perfect wedding atmosphere. In general, a lightbulb with soft, warm tones will help create a cozy atmosphere. After that cozy feeling? We’re huge fans of vintage Edison bulbs to bring that heat, highly recommended!Cooler tones can add a real touch of elegance. Everyday white bulbs are the obvious choice here. They work incredibly well in traditional settings, offering classic and elegant wedding lighting with a cleaner, brighter look.


Technical information and specifications

Voltage: 110V-250V
Recommended max bulb wattage: 60w
Bulb thread type: E26 or E27 compatible
Installation: Standard dual wire hardwire installation
Compatibility: Worldwide


What is your shipping & delivery time?

Our wedding lighting collections are sent via tracked airmail, which should arrive at your door within 5-12 working days worldwide. Please also allow for 1-3 days of packaging time as we carefully put together your pendants and package them safely for shipment.

For more information about shipping and delivery, please see our shipping policy.

How can rustic lighting enhance the wedding venue?

It's pretty obvious, really; lighting plays an enormous role in turning a wedding venue into something unforgettable. It's hugely important, second only to the dress. And the bride or groom turning up, that's pretty important, but still. For us at least, a rustic lighting style is the go-to for an authentic and intimate feel.

Picture bamboo pendants strewn across worn beams, row upon row of mason jar lanterns casting a guiding glow along the footpath, and the warm flicker of vintage Edison bulbs in our woven bamboo shades. These unpretentious touches bring a touch of authenticity to the venue, creating an easygoing yet incredibly intimate vibe.

We've never been about cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf perfection with our bamboo pendants. It's all about embracing those imperfect imperfections and handmade charm. This type of rustic wedding lighting romances every crowd; each piece a unique conversation starter. Embrace true artisan crafts, whether you're having your first dance under the stars or spreading love indoors.

Are bamboo pendants suitable for an outdoor wedding?

Of course! We'd argue they look best outdoors, but they're no slouch inside either. For an outdoor wedding, lighting it up with natural fixtures like our bamboo pendants creates an intimate blend of natural charm and functionality. The gentle sway of bamboo in the wind, combined with the soft ambient lighting they emit creates a dream-like atmosphere under the open sky.

While our pendant shades are suitable for outdoor use, our cable sets are sadly not rated for rain or extreme weather. So, if you're expecting some rain, sleet, or snow, you would need to pair the baskets with suitable light fixtures that are waterproof and weatherproof. Though if you happen to get some rain, sleet, or snow on your wedding day, you probably have more important things to worry about!

All options include brackets and cord grips, allowing you to hang your bamboo pendants anywhere you please, with or without an electrical source. Hang them from trees, string them along the garden, toss them over archways, go wild, you have tons of possibilities!

Do I need professional installation for wedding lighting?

Typically, the installation process varies based on the chosen light fixture. Our lights come with hardwire pendant kit options; these connect to the existing wiring in your home or venue. Alternatively, we offer the same set of 25 pendant lights with a plug-in/swag option. With this style, the lights are simply plugged into standard electrical outlets, much like a lamp or TV. Extension cables with multiple outlet points are commonly used with a plug-in style.

If you go for the hardwired version, installation is pretty straightforward really, and anyone should be able to follow the provided instructions. That said, if you are unsure or lack confidence in installing them yourself, there's no shame in seeking out a licensed electrician for peace of mind. Better safe than shocked.

Is rustic wedding lighting suitable for both daytime and evening weddings?

Yes, rustic lighting is a brilliant option for both daytime and evening weddings. The great thing about these bamboo pendants, in particular, is that they look beautiful even when not hooked up. You don't need a bulb glowing inside for them to add some rustic charm to your surroundings. When the sun does set, that's when they start making a move. The soft, warm illumination peeking out from between the strands of bamboo brings real intimacy, especially when using vintage-styled bulbs. They make the setting personable, homely, and, of course, romantic.

A bamboo strand is frayed or snapped - what do I do?

No need to worry! The design of these baskets is pretty special. If you do find a frayed or snapped bamboo strand, you have a few options: embrace it, smile, and let it be, or alternatively, trim that baby out and shift some other strands over a bit to fill its place.

They're handmade, these things happen sometimes. I mean, sure, sometimes it's down to the postman throwing the box around, but even if you damage a strand or two yourself, it's no drama. The weave used for these baskets ensures that any snapped or removed strands won't compromise the overall design or functionality.


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