One of our most popular wicker pendant light creations, these gorgeous bamboo light shades are a classic fusion of elegant style and flexible functionality. With a rustic farmhouse feel, they’re ideal for bringing a pinch of nature into your living space. Using natural bamboo strands and a unique weave, the pendant shade is flexible, allowing for a wide range of shapes. Compress the shade between your hands and watch it’s form change from tall, to round, to disc-shaped, with every shape able to be set in position.  

Featuring an intricate weave yet a minimalist look, these lights bring a natural and organic aesthetic to any space. Crafted by hand in Northern Thailand using methods handed down generations, the original use of these baskets would have been as fish traps and general decoration. Now transformed into elegant pendant lights, they not only illuminate, but add that something special to your home.

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These wicker pendant light shades are meticulously woven by hand using natural materials such as bamboo, ensuring a unique and authentic touch to each piece. Due to the artisanal process, each basket may exhibit small imperfections and variations in both shape and size.

In the event that you discover a frayed or snapped bamboo strand, there’s no need to panic. Rest assured that this does not impact the functionality of the basket and can be easily remedied. Optionally remove any affected strand, snipping it out at each end of the basket. Easy as that! You can then subtly shift other strands to fill any resulting gaps, ensuring your bamboo basket remains beautifully functional.


Our pendant lights are created and packed with care, before being sent from Northern Thailand. Delivery generally takes around 12-21 days using our default free shipping option, and 5-10 working days via our express option.

For more detailed information regarding shipping and delivery, please see our FAQ page.


These wicker pendant light shades can be used both outside and inside, however our pendant kits are for indoor use only. If you would like to use these shades outdoors, pair them with an all-weather pendant kit purchased separately. 


Are bamboo and wicker the same?

No, bamboo and wicker are not the same, although they are related in the sense that both materials are often used in furniture and decorative items.

Wicker: Wicker is actually a weaving technique rather than a specific material. It typically involves weaving flexible plant-based materials, such as rattan, reed, or bamboo, into a specific pattern. Wicker creations can be made from a variety of materials, not just bamboo, with the choice of material affecting the appearance and characteristics of the finished piece.

Bamboo: Bamboo is a natural material that is often used in wicker weave styles, including furniture, flooring, and even as a building material. While bamboo can be used in wicker products, it is distinct from the broader category of wicker.

What kind of lighting do wicker pendant lights provide?

Wicker pendant lights create a warm and inviting illumination, characterized by a soft, ambient glow. The open-weave design allows light to diffuse gently, creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in any space. The textured surface of the wicker adds additional depth, producing subtle patterns and shadows that contribute to the overall vibe. It's a lighting style that creates a truly relaxed ambiance, whether placed above a farmhouse dining table, in the living room, or as a focal point in bedrooms, balancing functionality with an appealing visual warmth.

How can I change the shape of my bamboo wicker pendant light?

Altering the form of your pendant shade is a straightforward process with our flexible design. Easily compress or expand the shape by manipulating it with your hands, then once you've achieved the desired shape, secure it in place by utilizing the provided twine or a material of your preference. The package also includes a helpful visual instruction guide.

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Customer's review (8)

  1. As I expected. They are delicate in appearance but I hope they are robust over time. However very beautiful.

    Roberta Filippi (verified owner)

  2. Beautiful lamp to enhance your home … highly recommended & will not hesitate re-purchase. It came very quickly & was packed with care & instructions … thank you !

    Rosanna (verified owner)

  3. Beautiful woven shapeable fixtures that instantly brought an organic and handmade richness to my space for the most reasonable price! LOVE!!!

    Teresa (verified owner)

  4. It’s crazy beautiful! Perfect finishes. Flexibility at the rendezvous that allows you to modify the shape! Be careful when opening the package, I gave an unfortunate blow with the cutter and I hope to be able to glue the cut rattan blades… I will install my 2 maxi “olive” lamps at 1/3 of the height on either side of the bed. The +: the electric cord, the socket and the base in the colors coordinated with natural bamboo!

    swalbaum (verified owner)

  5. Super cute and looks so much cleaner than almost every one I could find elsewhere that looked almost twine-like and yet was double the price. This is well worth the cost in quality abs cuteness.

    Morgan (verified owner)

  6. Gorgeous lamp! I am so happy I bought it, it was worth every minute I waited to be delivered. I will buy another one. Thanks.

    SILVANA ECHEGUREN (verified owner)

  7. great peaceful light and very pretty.

    Bronte Nevins (verified owner)

  8. Absolutely gorgeous and EXACTLY what I wanted. Thank you for creating a beautiful new addition to my new house!!

    Rebecca (verified owner)

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