Handcrafted from natural bamboo, these exquisite pendant shades create an intimately rustic outdoor wedding lighting arrangement. Lighting is absolutely crucial on your big day. Less important than the dress or your partner turning up, maybe, but otherwise, top of the list. It sets the whole tone for your wedding and creates the mood. This is your moment, so don’t settle for off-the-shelf, generic decor. The natural charm of woven bamboo, along with authentically artisan roots, results in rustic wedding lighting that is full of character, creating a cozy and romantic ambiance for you to finally tie the knot.

Whether you choose the standalone basket shades for a little DIY decoration or select the shades coupled with our pendant kits, they make for truly enchanting wedding decor, setting the stage for an unforgettable celebration on your special day.

Rustic Outdoor Wedding Light Set - Bamboo Pendant Shade Measurements
Bamboo Pendant Shade Measurements When In Round Shape
Light Bulb Styles For Rustic Outdoor Wedding Lighting
Wedding lighting pendant kit options include wood & rope, black, and white canopy options for hardwire install.


With a ton of popular rustic outdoor wedding lighting options, what makes these bamboo pendants so special?

Versatility: Being versatile is a key feature; think about popular rustic wedding lighting choices like string lights, lanterns, Edison bulbs, and candlelight. All of these can be effortlessly integrated and paired with the bamboo pendant shades. Drape the shades over archways, highlight them with vintage bulbs, or position candles inside. The possibilities are limitless – you’re not limited to just hanging them.

Adaptability: Every bamboo basket shade is flexible, allowing you to craft various shapes by mixing and matching heights, widths, and overall sizes. The looks that can be achieved are breathtaking—just take a look at our photos for some examples.

Handmade: Not mass-produced nor factory-made, this is handmade wedding decor with a personal touch. Each strip of bamboo is interwoven with the next, by hand, without the use of any glues or other aids. Simply, a creative and clever weave that is environmentally conscious as well as elegant.


That depends on the options you select, but in short: everything you need is included.

The pendant shades are available with or without pendant kits. Choose from either 50 of a set size, ranging from XS to XXL, or opt for the ‘mixed’ option which includes a mixture of all sizes. All pendant shades include metal brackets and cord grips, enabling you to hang them from your existing cables, wiring or general setups.

Our pendant kits are a standard hardwired installation type with a ceiling canopy. We also have the same wedding lighting set with swag light pendant kits that plug into an electrical outlet like a lamp. The length of the cable is customizable, allowing you flexibility in placement – simply enter your preferred measurements when selecting a pendant kit.


What are the best rustic outdoor wedding lighting ideas using bamboo baskets?

Aside from the traditionally hanging pendant light, you can use your bamboo basket shades in a whole host of ways. We love to hang the baskets from large trees in an outdoor setting, with or without lighting. The natural tones of the bamboo seamlessly blend into the surroundings and can dress up a tree as if it were an invited guest.

The bamboo baskets can also stand freely. Place them over tealights and illuminate pathways for an intimate trail leading to your main reception area.

How much lighting do I need for an outdoor wedding?

That's really a bit of a 'how long is a piece of string' question. It depends on your venue, the mood you're after, and how much natural light you have. Fifty bamboo pendant lights should be more than enough for most venues or themes, though. Paired with some nice low-watt vintage bulbs, the illumination is pretty soft, not overpowering, so don't worry about clustering too many lights together. It doesn't have to be perfect or exact, especially with a rustic theme, otherwise it all feels a bit too clinical.

Experiment with different amounts of lights, move things around, and just play with different looks until you find one that feels right.

Are your pendant kits waterproof and weather-rated?

Unfortunately, our pendant kits are not waterproof and weather-rated. So, unless using them in a covered outdoor area, if expecting rain, we advise using separately purchased outdoor kits, combining them with our bamboo pendant shades. The bamboo basket shades come with metal brackets and grips for attaching to various cables, so it's hassle-free.

Can I mix different types of rustic wedding lighting?

Of course! Especially if you're after something unique, mixing up a bunch of different rustic wedding lights can give your venue a personable feel. String up a bunch of bamboo pendant lights, plant some lanterns around, throw some Edison bulbs inside the bamboo for that vintage feel, maybe even scatter some candles about for that flicker of romance. You can create shapes using our bamboo pendants too, squeeze them, compress them, make sphere shapes, ufo-like shapes, whatever forms you like.

What types of bulbs work best for rustic outdoor wedding lighting?

When thinking of rustic wedding lighting, for us at least, Edison bulbs are usually the first things that come to mind. With that beautiful vintage glow, they are the OGs of rustic chic and our personal go-to. Madly intimate, warm, and oh so stylish, they're our best choice for a rustic wedding.

Globe bulbs also look incredible; those big, bold ball shapes. We love the mix of a traditional lightbulb shape with Edison filament styling. They have a dream-like quality to them, exactly what you want for a fairy-tale wedding.

With our lights, you can use any E26 or E27 thread-type bulb, doesn't matter if it's a warm color, bright white, round, or tall. Play around with many different bulbs to see how they create and change the atmosphere.

How long does shipping & delivery take?

Worldwide shipping is free of charge. We aim to create your wedding lighting set within 1-3 working days, sending it out to you via an express shipping service. Generally, you should receive your items at your door within 5-10 working days of dispatch, provided there are no delays. All shipments are fully trackable and must be signed for upon receipt.

I have more questions - how can I get in touch?

If you have any questions or queries that have not been answered here, or would like to discuss a custom arrangement for your wedding or event, feel free to get in touch with us via our contact page.

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