Woven with precision using thin bamboo strands, our bamboo rattan floor lamps are not just light sources; they are true artisanal creations. Bamboo is gathered and sliced into lightweight strips before taking form, thanks to an incredible traditional weaving technique.

Fitting in with any decor style, making your place feel warm and welcoming, they bring real, natural charm. Bamboo with its unpolished, raw beauty along with the elegance of nature – it’s unmatched. Add flexibility in both movement, shape, and cable options, and you have unique floor lamps that you can tailor to your own vibe.

Bamboo Rattan Floor Lamps Plug-In Details


Due to the artisanal craftsmanship involved in creating each bamboo lamp, dimensions may vary slightly. The approximate measurements for each size are detailed below:

  • XXL – Height: 27-30in / 70-76cm || Diameter: 12-14in / 30-35cm
  • XL – Height: 25-27in / 63-69cm || Diameter: 11-13in / 28-33cm
  • Round M – Height & diameter: 27-30cm / 11″-12″

The diameter of the rattan base is approx. 9in / 22-23cm.

Both the XXXL and XXL-sized bamboo lamps offer flexibility, while the round-shaped lamp is fixed in position.

The plug type will be tailored to match the delivery address country. If a different plug type is needed, please include your request in the order notes during checkout.


What bulbs are compatible with these floor lamps?

The bamboo rattan floor lamps in this set are designed to accommodate both E26 and E27 thread type bulbs. These are the most common thread type, widely available in the market. This versatility grants you the freedom to choose bulbs that suit your preferences – opt for vintage Edison bulbs for a warm and cozy ambiance, or go for bright white bulbs for a more contemporary feel. As long as the thread type aligns, the bulb's shape or color is entirely up to you. Enjoy the experimentation!

How do I clean & maintain bamboo rattan floor lamps?

Maintaining bamboo rattan floor lamps (and pendant shades) is very simple. Periodic dusting with a soft cloth or a feather duster is usually enough to keep them in good shape. For stubborn stains or dirt, a slightly damp cloth will do for a deeper clean – steer clear of harsh chemicals or soaps, though!

Bamboo, though flexible and robust, should be inspected for signs of damage like cracks or splits. If you detect any, worry not. The design allows you to trim out affected strands and rearrange others to fill gaps. Handmade with care, these lamps may exhibit small imperfections and characteristics of handcrafted artistry, adding to their unique charm without compromising function or aesthetics.

What type of shape are these bamboo rattan floor lamps?

This set of bamboo rattan floor lamps comprises three distinct pieces, each in a unique size. Two of the bamboo basket shades are generously proportioned, tall, and flexible, able to create different shapes. The third piece features a round, sphere-shaped basket with a fixed shape and structure. Full measurements can be found above.

Are bamboo rattan floor lamps suitable for use outdoors?

While bamboo itself is a resilient and outdoor-friendly material, regrettably, our cable set is not all-weather rated. It's advisable to place the lamp indoors or in covered outdoor areas to shield it from the elements. We hope to introduce outdoor versions of these floor lamps in the future!

Can I purchase individual floor lamps from this set?

You can indeed. The sizes featured in the set are also available as standalone bamboo floor lamps in our primary floor lamp collection. Feel free to explore individual options, or if you have a specific set in mind, don't hesitate to reach out for personalized arrangements.

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  1. Beautiful lamps! They give my space a super cozy atmosphere.

    Rebecca Merriman (verified owner)

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