Utilizing one of our favorite color combinations, these deep purple pendant lights are something special. It’s said that purple is the color of royalty—a shade that hints at luxury and sophistication. Purple and violet are also known as colors with a soothing, tranquilizing vibe, something we think translates to lighting and home decor too. Mix that regal feel with the rustic beauty of bamboo, and what a result! A pendant chandelier that is perfect for illuminating any space with a warm glow.

The three woven bamboo shades hang from a single canopy, the style of which is your choice. Choose a white pendant light canopy kit for an airy and clean look, or go for a rattan and rope combo to keep it natural. Whatever canopy option you choose, it’s easy to install and compatible worldwide.

If purple is not your thing, check out some of our other colors, such as this beautiful turquoise pendant light cluster

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All of our lighting, including this purple pendant light set, is crafted by hand using authentic materials and techniques. It’s something we feel strongly about. Each light shade is woven using nothing but bamboo strips, interlocked to create a final form that is not only visually stunning but also flexible. It’s a technique and weave design that have been practiced for generations, and hopefully for many more to come.

Not only is the basket handmade, but the color is hand-dyed too. We personally dip-dye each basket, the telltale signs being the imperfect lines and very subtle differences in hue that may occur between each piece. If you’re after perfection, this is not it; we’re about that handcrafted vibe for lighting that tells a story and is completely unique.


It’s entirely up to you! You can choose the length of each cable on the cluster, measured from the canopy to the lamp holder. This allows you to find the perfect height to hang your fixture, both at an individual shade level and overall.

When selecting your pendant canopy type, simply enter any preferred cable lengths. We’re fans of the staggered look, spacing out each pendant shade vertically a little to create a falling droplet chandelier. This is what you can see in the product images, with cable lengths of 80cm, 90 cm, and 100cm. This is the default, so if you’ve entered no specific length requests, this is what you’ll get. Otherwise, feel free to measure your space and let us know your ideal measurements.


Wondering how long your pendant light will take to arrive? Delivery times may vary slightly, but for most regions, your light should arrive within:

  • Standard shipping: 10–21 business days.
  • Express shipping: 5–10 business days.

Standard shipping is free for all products and destinations, regardless of order size, item quantity, or country. An upgrade to express shipping can also be selected at checkout.

Finally, our no-hassle 30-day return period means you can shop with peace of mind. If you’re not feeling the look, no worries; simply contact us within 30 days of receipt to start a return. For more details, please see our FAQ page.


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