As each piece is hand crafted, dimensions may vary slightly, but will typically fall into the ranges below.

Basket height: 35-40in / 90-100cm
Basket diameter: 17-20in / 45-50cm
Base diameter: 11-12in / 28-30cm

Our lamp bases are compatible with E26 or E27 thread type bulbs (the most commonly found thread types). Compatible plug types are available for most, if not all regions. We will match the plug type to the delivery address, unless otherwise requested in the order notes at checkout.


Whether your style is rustic and earthy, mid-century modern, or coastal and tropical, this is a large floor lamp that is versatile enough to fit into any interior, even one where a mix of styles and periods is embraced.

Bamboo is not only a fantastic choice for eco-friendly living, but is also pliable and durable. By using flexible strands of this sustainable material, we are able to create a large standing lamp that can be shaped into various forms thanks to an incredible weave design. This is, of course, the same bamboo basket weave used for our classic bamboo pendant shade. A flexible basket means tons of great design possibilities, allowing you to create a floor lamp to really match the flow and vibe of your space. 

Large Floor Lamps From Bamboo And Natural Materials
Large Floor Lamp Plug In Options


These jumbo-sized bamboo floor lamps are big! They make fantastic accent pieces that stand out against surrounding decor. Their large size, elegant design, and rustic style results in a lamp that immediately captures and directs attention, adding serious natural character to your space.

Beyond this, our large floor lamp isn’t just there to provide illumination; it’s a piece of woven art. It’s beautiful even when switched off. When the design of the lamp is as well-crafted as this, the lamp doubles as artistic home decor, adding real depth and personality to a room.


What light bulbs work best for large floor lamps made of bamboo or rattan?

For floor lamps made of bamboo, we'd go for either a warm LED bulb or a vintage-styled Edison bulb. Both are fantastic choices, really; you can't go wrong with either, it just depends on the look you're going for.

Edison bulbs with exposed filaments are our personal fave, no question. We find that they provide a relaxing illumination that really complements the tones of bamboo and makes your space feel homely.

Don't want to be racking up those electric bills? Quality LED bulbs and low-watt Edison styles are also way more energy-efficient than a standard bulb, emitting less heat, which is beneficial for the strength of bamboo over time.

Are large floor lamps made from natural materials suitable for modern interiors?

A big, resounding yes! Large floor lamps made from bamboo and rattan can seriously spice up any modern interior. Lamps like ours that use organic materials are always sought-after by those who want something with sustainability and a connection to nature. Bamboo floor lamps in particular have become hugely popular over time, creating a vibe worldwide.

It's all about the warmth that they bring, along with that natural aesthetic. A special blend of modern and organic. The flexible design of these floor lamps also allows for the creation of different shapes that suit various modern design styles.

What are some tips for integrating a large floor lamp into a small living room?

Integrating a large floor lamp into a small room? It seems like it'll be a headache at first thought, but if done right, it can actually be a clever design choice. Here are some of our personal tips to help you incorporate a large floor lamp like ours into a smaller living space:

Choose a Tall Profile: An obvious one, really; opt for a large floor lamp with a tall and slim profile. Using our large floor lamp in its default shape means you have a tall floor lamp that doesn't overwhelm your space..

Think About Placement: You can't just place it willy-nilly, you have to really think about this. With a larger floor lamp, you need to place the lamp strategically, somewhere that helps to maximize its impact without overcrowding the room.

Use Vertical Space: A tall floor lamp like ours will draw the eye upward and create a sense of height, making your whole room feel more spacious, at least vertically. This can help smaller rooms feel less cramped and way more livable.

Go for Light Colors: Ok, so, science and stuff means that lighter tones reflect more light, which results in a bright and airy feel overall. Unless you're a bit goth (are they still around?), that's what you want. So, try to choose a floor lamp with light-colored tones to enhance this sense of openness. Something like.. bamboo.. hint, hint!

Diffuse the Light: A floor lamp with a design that diffuses light tends to make a space feel cozier, helping to counterbalance any limitations of a small room. Our intricate bamboo basket weave is a perfect example of this.

Contrary to what you might initially think, it really doesn't matter how large the lamp or how small the room. Well, within reason. If the lamp doesn't fit through your door, then you're probably not going to make it work! Really, though, it's all about strategic placement. A little thought and planning goes a long way.

What is your shipping time & return policy?

Our large floor lamps are made, packaged and dispatched from Chiang Mai, Thailand. We have both a free shipping option, taking 10-21 days, and an express option available at checkout, with the express option typically arriving at your door within 3-10 working days worldwide.

We also offer hassle-free 30 day returns on all products - these floor lamps are no different. If you find your floor lamp doesn't work in your space as imagined, or change your mind for any reason, you can contact us within 30 days of delivery and start a return, no questions asked.


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