Whether you’re a fan of farmhouse chic or modern minimalism, our natural wood wall art goes with everything. With a timeless style and all-natural rattan weave, these pieces bring real earthy, zen vibes into your world.

Not only are they beautiful, but they are also lightweight and easy to install with the provided mounting materials.

The handwoven nature of natural wall art introduces imperfections and individual character. Expect subtle variations in colors and shades due to the hand-woven nature of each piece in the collection. 


Our natural wood wall decor sets are carefully packed and dispatched from Northern Thailand via tracked airmail. Estimated delivery times are as follows:

  • Standard airmail (free shipping): 12-21 days.
  • Express shipping (available at checkout):  5-10 working days.

For in-depth information on shipping and delivery, please see our full shipping policy.

In the rare event that the aesthetic doesn’t resonate with your space, we provide a 30-day return policy for all our wall art collections.


Are the colors of the wall art true to the images online?

Yes, as true as they can be for natural wood wall art. Rattan has distinct textures and tones, so slight differences are to be expected. For example, each piece in our product images has subtle variations in shade and shape, despite having a similar overall look. In general, the look will always be similar, but due to the natural differences in rattan wood, no two pieces will be exactly alike. Keep in mind that colors can also be displayed differently depending on the viewing device or screen.

Are these hand-crafted wood wall art pieces?

Our wood wall art decor is authentically crafted by locals here in the beautiful city of Chiang Mai, Thailand, where we are based. Each piece is embedded with a personal touch and set apart from run-of-the-mill, machine-produced weaves. Produced in small quantities compared to mass-produced items, each piece is handwoven, resulting in a genuinely unique addition to your space. This authenticity makes all the difference to us at Lanna Passa; it's what we treasure.

Not only that, natural wood materials like rattan, wicker, and bamboo bring with them unique grains and characteristics, elevating the overall aesthetic. You won't find such a diverse range of textures and tones in factory-made pieces.

What installation methods are recommended for wooden wall art?

Wooden wall art decor can be installed in a variety of ways, the most common being hooks affixed to the rear of each piece. The wall art is then hung on a nail or screw in the wall, just like a picture frame. Alternatively, if you're renting your home or simply don't want to start drilling, robust adhesive pads can be used. These offer much more flexibility and don't leave any unsightly holes. We provide both options with every piece in our wall art collections; the hanging choice is yours.

What kind of wall art arrangements can I make with natural wood circles like these?

The possibilities really are endless, especially merging multiple sets for even more round circle goodness. We've put together a few wall art arrangement ideas for you to play with.

Classic Grouped Focal Point: Similar to our product images, create a classic focal point by grouping circles of varying sizes closely together, adding depth and visual interest to the wall.

Radiating Sun Arrangement: Arrange the circles radiating outward from a central piece, resembling the sun or spokes of a wheel. This arrangement adds a dynamic and energetic vibe to the space.

A Casual Scatter: Feeling a little random and eclectic? Casually scatter our wood wall art circles across your wall for a playful and artistic look.

Diagonal Display: A popular modern wall art look created by placing the circles in a diagonal alignment, introducing vertical movement and contemporary flair. This wall art grouping is particularly effective on larger walls with high ceilings.

Off-Center Charm: Similar to the casual scatter, just with a little more structure. Position the circles off-center on the wall, introducing asymmetry for a unique and unconventional touch.

Over Furniture: As seen in our product images, these wooden wall art beauties can look incredible hanging over sofas and other furniture. Depending on the furniture styles and colors, a variety of contrasts can be created, integrating the wall art into the overall room design.

Grid Organization: Love a bit of symmetry? Place the circles in a grid pattern for a clean and structured appearance, well-suited for contemporary or minimalist settings. Symmetrical designs often evoke a feeling of harmony and order. The repetition and mirroring of elements result in a cohesive and balanced visual touch.

Blend Shapes & Materials: Blend the rattan wood circles with other shapes and materials. Mix circles with squares, rattan with seagrass - craft a diverse and dynamic wall art feature with tons of depth and texture.

Tell a Story: Another popular theme with natural wall art decor, our wood circles being no exception. Narrate a story or convey a theme, sunburst effects or bubbles rising, adding a personalized touch to your wall decor.

Explore these alternatives and experiment further, finding the wall art arrangement that resonates best with your personal style and the vibe you want to create in your space.


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