This beautiful bamboo and rattan wall art set includes 6 woven works of art, each intricately hand crafted.

Our oversized sunburst bamboo pieces make great statement decor, with their clean lines and neutral colors blending in with various design themes. Add smaller, sturdier rattan pieces to the mix and you’ve got additional texture resulting in an eye-catching, eclectic vibe.

Since each wall art piece is crafted by hand, you might notice slight variations in tones, hues, and shapes. This only enhances their character and makes each piece unique. Handwoven crafts are made through a natural process of gathering and weaving materials, resulting in imperfections contributing to their character and individuality.


Each of our bamboo and rattan wall art collections are carefully packed and sent your way from Northern Thailand. Every package is fully trackable, and should reach your door in approximately:

  • Free shipping / standard shipping: 12-21 days
  • Express shipping: 3-10 working days

We also offer no-hassle 30-day returns, for any reason. For more detailed information regarding wall art shipping & returns, please see our main FAQ page.


What's the deal with rattan wall art?

Rattan wall art is always trending as the epitome of stylish and rustic home decor. Meticulously hand-crafted, the shapes are formed with rattan, a natural vine-like material often derived from palm plants. They're little works of art that grace your walls, bringing natural elegance and handmade charm to your living area. Intricate weaving techniques are married with the distinct texture of the material, blending nature and traditional craftsmanship. We have a wide range of bamboo & rattan wall decor designs, ranging from traditional and bohemian to contemporary styles. Find your vibe in our main woven wall art section.

How do I clean bamboo & rattan wall art?

Cleaning your bamboo and rattan wall art set is super simple. Grab a feather duster or a soft, dry cloth and give each piece a quick dusting. It doesn't take much more than that, just avoid hanging them in humid areas and keep them dry. If, by some mysterious force, stains appear on your wall art, use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe away the grime. Finally, avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as they can harm the natural fibers and finish.

What trends are currently popular in wall art decor?

Wall art created using natural materials like rattan, wicker and bamboo is currently riding high on a wave of trends that merge modern aesthetics with authentic craftsmanship. Geometric patterns are undeniably popular, as skilled weavers play with rattan's flexibility to craft intricate shapes with a modern yet timeless look.

Oversized rattan wall art is another popular choice nowadays with all types of interior design styles. Our grand woven sunburst designs in particular make captivating focal points, injecting personality into your space.

Natural materials are, of course, an important factor, and always on trend. We pride ourselves on using all-natural, locally sourced materials, with our rattan wall art designs being simple yet elegant. Our focus is on showcasing the material's inherent beauty - the natural tones and hues, balanced with rich textures that create an organic and earthy feel.

Can I paint bamboo & rattan wall art?

You can! We love a DIY vibe too. Customizing your bamboo & rattan wall art with a fresh coat of paint gives you the freedom to align it with your distinct style, color preferences, or the overall vibe of your space. Whether you go for vivid and lively hues or subdued and refined tones, it's an opportunity to showcase your artistic touch.

Get creative, play with colors, or even materials. Use paint, markers, stencils, whichever you prefer. It doesn't take anything special, just a few steps:

First, wipe off any dust or debris using a damp cloth, then let it dry.

If painting, apply a thin, even layer of primer specifically designed for rattan, bamboo, or similar natural materials. This sets the stage for better paint adhesion and a polished finish.

Use paint suitable for wicker and rattan, such as acrylic or spray paint.

Once your design is dry and you're satisfied with the result, consider adding a clear sealant to keep it looking fresh.

Keep in mind that splashing color on your wall art may alter its natural characteristics, and the result may vary from piece to piece. Additionally, it's always a good idea to test on a small area first, ideally on the reverse, to ensure everything works out how it should.


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