This indigo batik pouf / ottoman is made up of authentic hill tribe textiles, indigo plant dyed, with an optional kapok filled cotton insert.

Approximate dimensions : 18″ diameter x 14″ height (top to bottom cord to cord) – when stuffed full the size is closer to 18″ x 18″.

Features a zipped lower section allowing for hassle-free filling and maintenance.


How do I wash the pouf / ottoman cover?

When cleaning the outer cover of your pouf, first remove any fill material or insert. Hand-wash the cover in warm water and allow the cover to air-dry naturally in the shade. Avoid machine washing or using harsh chemical soaps, as these can cause the natural indigo dye color to fade.

How do I wash the pouf / ottoman insert?

The pouf insert can undergo machine or hand washing just like regular cotton. However, we recommend removing the kapok filling before washing. While it’s possible to wash the insert with the kapok filling intact, be aware that kapok’s high density makes it very slow to dry in the sun.

What about the kapok filling?

Kapok makes for an excellent filling for ottoman and pouf cushions, requiring minimal maintenance. Simply fluff up the kapok fibers periodically to maintain the cushion’s fullness, and adjust the amount of kapok to achieve your desired level of firmness.


All of our ottomans and poufs are dispatched from Northern Thailand. They should reach your door within 12-21 days using our free shipping service, and approximately 5-10 working days via our express service.

For a more comprehensive overview of shipping details, options, customs duties, and more, please visit our FAQ page.


Like all of our crafts, this indigo batik pouf is pieced together using authentically sourced Hmong textiles, as a result it may have small imperfections and slight changes in colors and hues due to the natural dyeing process. 


Gathered from the seed pods of the Kapok (Ceiba) tree, kapok is a soft natural fiber predominantly found in tropical regions such as Thailand and Indonesia. 

Also known as silk cotton or java cotton, kapok gives your ottoman a touch of luxury. It feels good to the touch, adding a bit of opulence to your space, providing a plush feel that’s perfect for kicking back and putting your feet up. Oh, and it’s all-natural and organic, none of that synthetic stuff. No weird smells or toxins either – just good, earthy goodness.

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