Crafted from a beautiful, locally woven stonewash cotton in various shades

Approx size : 15″ diameter x 6″ height – closer to 16″ x 7″ when stuffed full.

Invisible zip enclosure & zafu side handle.

Optional cotton insert filled with natural, organic kapok.


Washing the cushion cover

Caring for your cushion cover is simple – remove the insert before washing, wash separately in warm water, ideally by hand, and shade dry.

Washing the insert

The kapok insert can be washed in a machine or by hand as regular cotton, although we advise removal of the kapok filling beforehand.

It is possible to wash the insert with the kapok filling inside, although kapok takes a notoriously long time to dry due to it’s density!

Caring for the kapok

Kapok is a fantastic fill for cushions and needs no special care – just plump up the kapok fiber every now and then to keep your cushion plump, and add or remove kapok as you wish to find your perfect firmness.


Our cushions & pillows are packed with loving care and sent from Northern Thailand via tracked airmail which should reach you in around 12-21 days standard airmail (US, UK, EU, AUS, ASIA), or 5-10 days via Express.

For more detailed information regarding shipping (options, customs duties, return information etc) please see our FAQ page HERE 


Our stonewash zafus are made from a locally woven, thick cotton in a variety of shades with a beautiful rustic/faded appearance.


Kapok is a soft natural fiber extracted from the seed pods of Kapok (Ceiba) tree which is found in Thailand and Indonesia.
Also known as silk cotton or java cotton, it is luxurious to the touch and has all the qualities of down (without the cruelty of feather gathering). The fiber is non toxic, odorless, resistant to rot, as well as being 100% natural and organic.
This kapok is harvested directly here in Thailand and in it’s purest form, untreated and unbleached as you can tell by it’s yellow color (whereas a cheaper treated kapok is often noticeably whiter in color).


Are you looking for a cushion in a specific size, or maybe even a certain textile for your own crafting? Maybe even wholesale quantities to stock your own store? We are able to make and source various styles and materials – feel free to get in touch with the ‘Contact’ link at the top of the page.


Black, Brown, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow

With Insert?

No Insert, With Insert


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