Laid-back beach vibes or urban cool, our bamboo, rattan and wicker wall art collection vibes with any theme. Bringing a genuine, natural touch to your walls, these pieces are all about authentic artisan style. The soft, light tones of bamboo contrast with the darker rattan hues, while the range of textures adds depth and variety.

Not just easy on the eyes, they’re also lightweight and a breeze to hang with the included mounting attachments.

Due to their hand-crafted roots, each piece may vary in size, shape and color. Subtle imperfections such as these give each piece its own individual character, so embrace the organic variations in colors and tones, a nod to the authentic craftsmanship of each one in this collection.


Our collections of wall art are carefully packaged and sent out from Northern Thailand using tracked airmail. Generally, you should receive your package within the following times:

  • Standard airmail (free shipping): 12-21 days.
  • Express shipping (can be selected at checkout): 5-10 working days.

The aesthetic doesn’t align with your space? No worries, we offer a 30-day return policy for all our wall art collections.

Finally, for more details regarding shipping and returns, kindly refer to our main site FAQ.


What is wicker wall art?

Wicker wall art is essentially a catch-all term for handcrafted decorations made from natural materials like rattan, bamboo, and other organic fiber goodness. However, 'wicker' isn't a specific plant or material; instead, it refers to both a range of materials and a weaving method. It basically describes a specific weaving technique of weaving these materials together. You've probably seen it in furniture or baskets before; it's super common yet highly versatile.

Wicker wall art trends seem to be pretty steady too, not changing too much over time. They do come in various styles, from simple weaves to intricate designs, but the general feel is always grounded and natural. A great choice for anyone who appreciates the beauty of natural materials and handcrafted art in their home, hang these woven creations on your walls to bring a touch of artisan craftsmanship and a natural vibe to your space.

How do you hang wicker wall art?

In general, hanging wicker wall art is pretty straightforward. Wicker and other materials like bamboo are lightweight, so hanging them doesn't take much effort. Wondering how to hang wicker wall art without any problems? We include two hanging options with every piece:

Affixed Hanging Attachment: A metal hanging attachment can be placed on the rear of your wall decor artwork. You know the little metal attachment that you see on the back of a regular picture or photo frame? Essentially, this is the same thing, all you need is a nail or screw on the wall to hang it on.

Adhesive Pads: If, like us, you're not big on nails and screws in the wall, give adhesive pads a try. These are nothing too fancy; simply small double-sided pads that stick stuff to the wall without holes or damage. Just make sure you use enough pads, or a large enough pad, for the weight of the wall art piece. There's nothing worse than hanging wall art in a nice position, then turning around and hearing a clunk as one falls off the wall!

What are the different materials used in this wall art collection?

The main materials used in this wall art decor set are bamboo and rattan wicker, all locally sourced and woven. Thin bamboo is used to create the large starburst wall art shapes and smaller round trays. Rattan is used primarily in the circular spiral weaves. Each material is intricately hand-woven here in Chiang Mai, Thailand, by skilled craftsman.

Is wicker a durable choice for wall art?

Yes, absolutely. Wicker wall art is surprisingly durable due to the natural materials used. High-quality wicker art crafted from rattan or bamboo will stay looking fresh for decades. The organic quality of the materials brings not only textures and flair, but resistance to most wear and tear. With a bit of care, your wall art can bring charm and style to your space for years to come. While wicker is durable, if there was a thing to watch out for, it would be harsh weather. Heavy rain, wind, or snow, etc., aren't great for any material, including wicker. Try to keep your woven artwork indoors or covered and protected from the elements to ensure it stays looking fresh.


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