Our unique bamboo floor lamp trio is made up of handwoven pieces with some serious farmhouse charm. Local artisans have woven together thin and lightweight strips of bamboo, resulting a beautiful final form that is both elegant and flexible.

By choosing our floor lamp set, you’re not just buying beautiful lighting for your home; you’re supporting the skilled artisans and communities in Chiang Mai, Thailand, who have perfected the art of bamboo weaving. A perfect ambiance coupled with authentic craftsmanship and sustainability.


Due to the handmade nature of each bamboo lamp, dimensions may vary slightly. Approximate dimensions are as follows:

XXXL – Height : 31-35in / 77-88cm | Diameter : 14-17in / 35-45cm
XXL – Height : 27-30in / 68-76cm | Diameter : 12-14in / 30-35cm
Round L – Height & diameter : 32-35cm / 13″-14″

Rattan base diameter – 9in / 22-23cm

Both the XXXL and XXL sized bamboo lamps are flexible, while the round shaped lamp is set in position.

The plug type will be matched to the delivery address country. If you require a different plug type, please add your request in the order notes at checkout.

A Boho Bamboo Floor Lamp Set Made From All Natural Materials
Bamboo Floor Lamp Set Plug In Details


Our floor lamps are crafted, packed and sent from Northern Thailand, using trackable mail. We offer free shipping as standard, with an express option available at checkout. Average delivery times are:

  • Free shipping: 12-21 days.
  • Express shipping: 5-10 working days.

For more detailed information regarding shipping options, delivery times, returns & more, please see our FAQ page.


What sizes and shapes are included in the bamboo floor lamp set?

This bamboo floor lamp set includes three individual floor lamps, each in a different size. Two of the bamboo basket shades are large, tall, and flexible - our classic woven basket. They are coupled with our round, sphere-shaped basket, which has a fixed shape. The bamboo lamp shades are handwoven using nothing but bamboo strips and a steady hand, authentically rustic.

Can I purchase individual lamps from the set?

You can indeed. The featured sizes are also available as individual bamboo floor lamps in our main floor lamp section. Custom sets can be also be created, feel free to get in touch if you have a set in mind.

Are the lamps suitable for use with different types of bulbs?

Yes, the lamps in this bamboo floor lamp set can be fitted with tons of different styled bulbs, as long as the thread type is either E26 or E27. These are the most commonly found bulb thread types worldwide, so you should have no worries trying to find one to fit. We're a huge fan of vintage styled Edison bulbs for a warm and cozy look with those exposed filaments. Bright white bulbs also work great for a more modern vibe. As long as the thread type matches, the bulb shape or color is up to you.

What care and maintenance does a bamboo floor lamp require?

To keep your bamboo floor lamps in top shape, just give them a good dusting with a soft cloth or a feather duster every now and then. If you have a stubborn stain or bit of dirt, a slightly damp cloth will work for a deeper clean, but avoid harsh chemicals or soaps. That's basically it - nothing too difficult right? Oh, and of course, keep the cables and base clean and dry and in good condition – the usual common-sense stuff.

Bamboo is a flexible and sturdy material so it should hold up well, but give your lamps a once over to check for any signs of damage here and there, look for any cracks or splits. If you notice any split, frayed, or broken strands, don't panic. The clever design of these shades means you can simply snip out any affected strands and move others over to fill the gap. They're handmade, after all, so small imperfections and telltale signs of handcrafted character may be present, but nothing that affects the use or look.

Can I use this bamboo floor lamp set outdoors?

While bamboo itself is a pretty durable material well suited for outdoors, unfortunately our cable set is not rated for all-weather. It's best to keep your lamp indoors or in covered outdoor spaces to protect it from the elements. We hope to create outdoor versions of these floor lamps in future - stay tuned!

In Your Homes

A big thank you to all of our customers who take the time to post photos of our bamboo floor lamp sets in their homes.

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These lamps are incredibly elegant. I am a huge fan of minimalism and coastal looks, and this set really combines the two. I purchased warm white screw-in bulbs for an ambient glow and they worked perfectly. Worth the expense – highly recommend.

'Green Velvet'

Absolutely gorgeous floor lamps. Arrived very quickly. Provide such cosy and warm glow. Highly recommend!


These came in and are beautiful! We love the effect. They were a little misshapen but there were instructions included on how to fix that as well as the tools needed – so awesome! LOVE!

Christine A

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  1. I hesitated to purchase these, but they are beautiful! They arrived much earlier than expected and were very easy to assemble.

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    Katherine L (verified owner)

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