Our handcrafted bamboo floor lantern brings nature into your home. This beauty is a sustainable and eco-friendly lamp with authentically artisan roots.

Its bamboo weave design truly sets it apart, making it a conversation piece that enhances the character of your space.
Handcrafted details showcase the artisanal skill involved, with a unique weave design not found elsewhere. The result is an intricate weave that forms a beautiful bottle-like silhouette, a natural cocoon embracing soft illumination at its core. This floor lantern doesn’t just light up your space; it adds a touch of heritage and artistry, celebrating its roots as it glows beautifully.

All this from simple bamboo stems—incredible.

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A Natural Floor Lamp Lantern That Is Eco-Friendly & Sustainable
Light Bulb Specifications For Lanterns, Lamps & Pendant Lights
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Not only a captivating natural floor lantern, but a super versatile one too. Personalize the length of the cable and switch placement, and open yourself up to endless opportunities for creating a vibe. Go for a long cable and run it around the room. Experiment with various settings and placements. Moving your lamp around is easy; just pick it up and reposition it at your whim.

Simply enter your preferences above when selecting your options, and we will create your perfect floor lantern.


Enjoy free standard shipping on all our bamboo floor lanterns, regardless of your location or the size of your order. For a quicker arrival, an express option is available during checkout. Our products are carefully packaged and dispatched with full order tracking for every shipment. Delivery times range from:

  • Standard free shipping: 10-21 days
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As well as free shipping, we proudly offer a hassle-free 30-day return policy on all products. Whether you’ve had a change of heart or discovered that our lantern lamp doesn’t quite align with your interior style, no worries – simply reach out to us.


What are the best types of bulbs for floor lanterns?

The best types of bulbs for floor lanterns typically depend on the ambiance you want to create. Keep in mind that the bulb is not visible inside our floor lanterns; only the glow it emits. The wattage and color temperature, especially, will be your main factors. We used a low-watt, warm-color Edison bulb for our photos, so if you wish to emulate that look, go for one of those. With this in mind, experiment with different bulbs to tailor the lantern vibe to your own tastes.

On the technical side, you just need a bulb that has either an E26 or E27 thread type specification. These are the most common bulb types used for home lighting, so finding them is not a problem. The color, shape, or style of the bulb is entirely your choice.

What makes this an environmentally friendly floor lantern?

A few things, not least the natural materials used to create it. The floor lantern itself is crafted from natural bamboo, while the base is made from woven rattan. Immediately noticeable due to the natural imperfections in the design, none of these pieces are factory-made or mass-produced. Each is woven by hand in Chiang Mai, Thailand, within artisan basket-weaving communities. With a little DIY and a few lightbulb moments (excuse the pun!), we transform these creations into the beautiful floor lantern you see here.

How is the lantern powered?

The lantern is powered like most home lamps - simply plug it into an electrical outlet. The plug type will be matched to the shipping address. The electrical parts are universally compatible; you just need to add an E-26 or E-27 threaded bulb. A switch on the cable allows you to turn the lantern on and off easily, with both the cable length and switch position customizable when you select your options above and place an order.

Can floor lanterns be placed anywhere in a room?

Sure, as long as the cable and plug can reach an outlet, you're good to go. Position your floor lantern wherever feels right. Tuck it into a corner for a chill reading spot or let it stand right next to your favorite spot on the sofa. Not only a great light source, but when not in use, the natural tones and earthy textures of the bamboo make for beautiful accent pieces of home decor. Create a cozy nook or add a natural and rustic touch to a space; experiment with placements to change up your living space.

What maintenance is required for bamboo floor lamps & lanterns?

Bamboo is super durable, and maintaining the beauty of our bamboo floor lanterns is simple. Regular dusting with a soft cloth or a duster is enough to keep them free from most debris. For stubborn marks or grime, a damp cloth and some elbow grease should be enough. Avoid harsh chemicals or excessive moisture, as these can damage the natural materials and play havoc with electrical parts. With just a little TLC, your bamboo lantern will remain a charming addition to your space.

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  1. Beautiful lantern! I absolutely love the way it looks in my home and the quality is impeccable.

    Stephanie Apt (verified owner)

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