Introducing our rattan pendant lights set, a captivating trio that effortlessly combines natural elegance with modern design.

This set of three pendant light shades features intricately woven rattan shades, handcrafted in Northern Thailand using natural rattan materials for an eco-friendly and authentic lighting piece.

With tons of character, the warm and inviting texture of rattan adds organic charm to any space, making it an ideal choice for both contemporary and bohemian interiors. The triple cluster arrangement allows for a dynamic and visually striking display, perfect for suspending above dining tables, kitchen islands, or in any room that craves a unique, ambient lighting solution. 


Three rattan pendant light shades, hanging from a single cluster canopy.

Various pendant cluster canopy styles to choose from – black, white, rattan and white, rattan and rope.

E27 and E26 compatible bulb lamp holders.

Adjustable metal support brackets for holding baskets.

Voltage 110V-250V / 60 Watts Max


Sizes may differ slightly as each is handmade.

Single rattan shade dimensions

Overall height : 33cm / 13in
Diameter at widest point : 30cm / 12in
Bottom hole opening diameter : 11cm / 4.5in

Ceiling canopy plate diameter

Approximate diameter for natural rattan canopy – 32cm
Approximate diameter for white & black canopies  – 28cm

Enter your desired cable lengths when selecting a canopy kit.


Our lamps are packed with loving care and sent from Northern Thailand via tracked airmail which should reach you in around 12-21 days standard airmail (US, UK, EU, AUS, ASIA), or 5-10 days via Express.

For more detailed information regarding shipping (options, customs duties, return information etc) please see our FAQ page HERE 


When choosing bulbs for rattan pendant lights, it’s essential to consider the ambiance you want to create.

While any bulb with an E26 or E27 thread type is compatible with these pendants, we prefer to use Edison-style bulbs with exposed filaments. We find that they can enhance the vintage and rustic aesthetic of rattan pendant lights tremendously. These vintage style bulbs add a decorative touch and emit a warm, ambient light as you can see in the photos.


Rattan is a versatile and sustainable choice for lighting and other homeware, bringing a myriad of benefits to contemporary living spaces. Known for its natural aesthetic, rattan infuses warmth and texture into interiors, creating an inviting atmosphere. Whether in the form of pendant lights, furniture, or decorative accents, choosing rattan for homeware adds a touch of timeless elegance while contributing to a more sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle.


Can I use rattan pendant lights outdoors?

While the rattan pendant shades themselves would be fine, unfortunately, our cluster pendant cable kits are not rated for outdoors. If you wish to use the shades outdoors, you would need to pair with an outdoor-rated fixture separately, ensuring it has adequate protection against moisture and other outdoor elements.

What is a cluster pendant light?

A cluster pendant light typically features multiple individual pendant lights grouped together in a single fixture. Instead of a single pendant suspended from the ceiling, a cluster pendant light consists of two or more pendant lights attached to a central canopy or base. The individual pendants can be arranged at varying heights and distances from each other, creating a visually interesting and dynamic lighting arrangement.


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