Sink into this kapok-filled indigo pouf, created using handwoven batik fabric from the Hmong hill tribe.

Known for their colorful textiles and intricate bamboo weaving, the Hmong are one of many ethnic hill tribes that can be found in Southeast Asia. A rich history is embedded in hill tribe textiles, with motifs and patterns representing various aspects of life.

This pouf features a cotton base, dyed using indigo plant dye and traditional batik methods. Various designs are etched onto the fabric using beeswax, and afterward, the fabric is dipped into a vat of dye. The dye cannot penetrate the waxed areas, resulting in the emergence of the design against the indigo backdrop.

A zipper enclosure underneath the pouf provides easy access for adding or removing fill material or an insert. Add your own material to the cover, or purchase the cover with a ready-filled natural kapok insert.


Your hill tribe indigo pouf will keep you company for a long time, requiring only a little more care than one made from regular textiles.

Washing the cover: Due to the nature of the indigo fabric, you will need to avoid machine washing – wash the cover by hand only.
Before you get to the washing, remove the insert or any fill material. Wash the pouf cover separately, in warm water, preferably, and allow it to air dry in the shade.

Caring for the kapok: Kapok as a fill for pouf cushions requires no special maintenance. Simply fluff up the kapok fiber occasionally to maintain the cushion’s fullness. Adjust the amount of kapok as needed to achieve your preferred level of firmness.


We’re sending out our cozy cushions and indigo poufs straight from Northern Thailand where they are made. Expect them to reach you in roughly 12-21 days with standard airmail or choose the express option for quicker delivery in approximately 5-10 working days.

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