Is this the best rustic 3-piece ottoman set in the world? We think so. Three beautifully woven pieces, one perfect blend of rustic style and functionality for an incredibly cozy living space. Crafted with care and a dash of farmhouse design charm, these ottomans bring a real touch of countryside warmth to your home.

These ottomans are eco-friendly, made from thick stalks of water hyacinth woven into a timeless design. Grouped together or split up, each of the three pieces in the set can serve various uses. We like to use the smaller ottoman as a comfy footrest, the tall size as extra seating for gatherings, and the medium size as a quaint side table for a cup of coffee. However you want to use or position them, the beautiful weave adds authentically rustic character, while the durable construction ensures long-lasting comfort.



Diameter – 40cm / 15in
Height – 20cm / 8in


Diameter – 50cm / 19in
Height – 20cm / 8in


Diameter – 40cm / 15in
Height – 45cm / 16in


We ship our ottoman sets from Northern Thailand, usually reaching your doorstep in 10-21 days through our standard free shipping. Choose an express shipping service at checkout for a quicker delivery, taking only 3-10 working days. Keep in mind these are ballpark estimates – postal services can be a little slow or delayed occasionally, but overall, you can anticipate your delivery falling within these time frames.


What is included in the 3 piece ottoman set?

It's not a hard and fast rule, but most 3-piece ottoman sets will contain ottomans in a variety of different sizes. This means you're good for various uses, rather than having three of the same ottoman, which would just be.. well, a bit weird. Our 3-piece ottoman set is no exception. Made up of three ottomans, each has its own unique size and shape. The heavyweight of the trio stands tall and large, a great focal point or main decorative pouf, while the other two are a little smaller, ideal for cozy footrests or compact seating options.

How can I use the ottomans in the set?

The ottomans in the set are super versatile additions to your living space. Mix 'em, match 'em, or use each one solo – these ottomans are all about adapting to your vibe. We like to use the larger ottoman as a stylish coffee table or extra seating during gatherings. The medium-sized one works perfectly as a standalone seat or a quaint side table for your favorite book or beverage. The smaller ottoman is an excellent footrest for ultimate relaxation. Feel free to mix and match - you don't even need to use them for anything in particular, they make great accent pieces in general.

Can I mix and match the ottomans in the set?

This set features three different ottomans; however, if you only have eyes for one, each is also available separately. You can always purchase them individually and curate your own personalized set featuring two, three, or more. If you're thinking about multiple pieces but the cost is adding up, feel free to get in touch, and we'll be happy to arrange a bulk discount for you.


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