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Anywhere! If you have a blog and you feature Lanna Passa you could use it as the link in the blog post. If you like our products and would like to recommend them to a friend, feel free to send them your affiliate link.

We only ask that you share it genuinely.

No, there are no extra costs or steps involved, the order is processed as normal.

Payments are deposited into the Paypal account (email address) you applied with. You can change your payment email address at any time in your affiliate settings.

Payments are made 60 days from time of the affiliate order – this allows for the order to be confirmed successful and without issue.

For now yes, we use only Paypal as the affiliate payment method, although we may add other options in future.

If a person clicks your referral link, providing they don’t delete their web cookies, the cookie will be valid for 90 days.

If a purchase is made within this 90 day period, your affiliate commission will be credited.

The link itself will never expire.

Generally there should be no issues with the system registering referrals and purchases, however if a user clears the web cookies from their computer then the referral cookie would no longer be present when visiting the site.

If you have any issues please use the contact form to get in touch and we’ll try and chase it up for you.

We like the way you think, but no, I’m afraid you are not able to refer yourself, please don’t attempt this as it may result in removal from the affiliate program. 

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